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3 advantages of installing an aluminum fence

Nord Est Metal
28 Nov

3 advantages of installing an aluminum fence

Using an aluminum fence to add the finishing touch to any of your construction projects has many advantages. The main reason why many people choose this material is because it is very resistant against any environmental attack.

At Nord-Est Metal we are experts in the fabrication of aluminum structures. Therefore, if you are still deciding what type of material to use, this article may be useful. We tell you 5 advantages of acquiring an aluminum fence, whether for your stairs, your balconies, to surround your social areas, etc. 

Remember that, in addition to an aluminum fence, you can also think about requesting another type of custom aluminum structure. If you want to get a customized design of doors, shelves, stairs, handrails, containers, among other elements, do not hesitate to rely on our team. 

Why choose an aluminum fence?

Regardless of the material, fences are structures that are often used for different purposes. Among them, to provide greater security to certain outdoor areas or to delimit the areas of a property. 

But it is also common to take advantage of these accessories to decorate spaces. An aluminum railing for terraces must be resistant and offer stability, but it can also be attractive to the eye.  

Any type of aluminum fence can be tailored to the customer’s preferred style. It can be shaped to add specific arabesques or ornaments or it can also be welded and worked with a simple or minimalist aesthetic. 

1. Durability

Aluminum is a metal that remains intact over time. Of course, regular cleaning sessions are recommended. But these do not require specialized machines and are not complicated to do. 

Beyond this, an aluminum fence is a long-term investment as it will not deteriorate with humidity, heat exposure, rain or strong winds. 

In addition, there is no problem with installing it around swimming pools or hot tubs as it is not a material that will discolor with chlorine. Nor will it rust, peel or crack easily.  

2. Lightweight

Aluminum is a lightweight metal. An aluminum fence will not be complicated to move from one place to another. This means that its installation is an easy process to carry out, compared to other materials that are heavy or require extra care.  

Less effort and less time is required to handle this material, which makes it more economical, in many instances. This also means that any repairs, replacements or modifications that need or want to be made will not be a headache. 

In addition, Nord-Est Metal’s mobile welding unit service will be available to resolve such issues. 

3. Healthiness and sustainability

Finally, another advantage of considering the sale of aluminum railings is that it is a recyclable material. This is not only a way to be environmentally responsible. It is also a way to take advantage of the economic expenditure that is made. 

If, after a certain time, you want to dismantle the structure, you can think about making some modifications and reuse it for other purposes. It can also be resold, as its resistance will keep it with a high quality in spite of its age. 

Moreover, aluminum is non-toxic and does not give off odors of any kind. In that sense, it does not pose a risk to young children, adults or pets.

If you are interested, we invite you to consult our project portfolio and get in touch!


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