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Advantages of installing an exterior metal staircase

Nord Est Metal
30 Dec

Advantages of installing an exterior metal staircase

An exterior metal staircase offers advantages in terms of structure and quality as well as aesthetics and design. If you are deciding what type of staircase to install in your terrace, garden, main entrance or any other outdoor area, this can be a good option. Learn more about the benefits with Nord-Est Metal Inc.!

To begin with, you should know that an exterior metal staircase could be composed of different types of metal. The most common are aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Any of these materials will offer sufficient strength, durability and adaptability.

Which parts of the ladder can be made of metal?

There are staircases made entirely of metal or staircases that combine metal with other materials. For example, ornamental or structural details in glass, stone, concrete, wood, etc. can be added.

However, an all-metal exterior staircase will be much simpler to build and install. It is also likely to be more economical. Roughly speaking, all the elements of a staircase can be made of aluminum or steel and this does not involve any risk. Included:

  • Steps
  • Exterior stair railings or handrails
  • Risers
  • Columns

In addition to this, other advantages that you can use to your advantage are the following:

Manufacture of custom-made staircase

Deciding to install an exterior metal staircase is one way to ensure that the finishes and measurements will fully meet your needs. Regardless of whether you are dealing with small or hard-to-reach spaces, stainless steel and aluminum structures can be custom ordered. 

Both are easily mouldable materials that can be adapted by laser cutting. 

Versatility in design

On the other hand, the metal exterior staircase can be designed according to any type of architectural plan, whether classic or modern. Depending on the preferences of each person, the material could be painted or coated with different colors or kept in its original state. 

Although stairs are most often installed in a single straight flight, you can request graphic design proofs with the following alternatives:

  • Snail shape
  • In several sections with different directions
  • Mixed (straight sections and curved sections)
  • For swimming pool (totally vertical)

Ease of installation

Metals, unlike other materials, are much lighter. This is a benefit of an exterior metal staircase in several ways. On the one hand, it means that it will be easy to transport the structure and that it will not be cumbersome to handle for installation. 

On the other hand, they are not delicate elements, so they are not at risk of deteriorating or breaking in the process. 


If you are an environmentally conscious person, a exterior metal staircase gives you peace of mind knowing that you are using a material that can be recycled in case you ever stop using it.

Both aluminum ladders and steel ladders can be disassembled and used to build other types of objects, so there is no waste of material. If you want to know what other types of structures can be built with metal, you may be interested in our article: Advantages of metal structures in their construction


Finally, thanks to the composition and its resistance against all kinds of environmental effects, corrosion and cracks in metals are unlikely to occur. In fact, an exterior metal staircase can support more weight than other types of materials. 

To keep them in good condition, you should only perform cleaning sessions that consist of cleaning and removing dirt, in general. It is not even necessary to use special soaps or detergents for cleaning. It is enough to pass a cloth with water to help you get rid of the dust.

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