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Discover the advantages of a fiberglass balcony

Nord Est Metal
28 Feb

Discover the advantages of a fiberglass balcony

Fiberglass is a composite material made by interlacing very fine glass filaments with synthetic resins. The resin is applied to bind the filaments together and to give the material strength. The result is a very strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant material. 

So, if you are considering an outdoor balcony renovation, a fiberglass balcony can be an excellent choice. In fact, to give you an idea of its high quality, you should know that it is a material used for a wide variety of applications. 

For example, it works to manufacture structural parts such as storage tanks, pipes and even prefabricated buildings. As for the residential construction sector, fiberglass has traditionally been used to manufacture wall panels, roofs or fences and railings

Along with materials such as steel and aluminum, fiberglass is one of the most requested materials for all types of projects. 

Benefits of installing a fiberglass balcony

A fiberglass balcony offers homeowners a number of advantages. Primarily, it is a popular material because it is very lightweight, which makes them perfect for balconies where weight is an important factor. For example, those that are placed on multi-story buildings, as no heavy support structure is needed to support the balcony. 

Balcony installation can often be complicated. However, a fiberglass balcony is easy to place in any type of location. It does not require a large number of tools or equipment to carry out the process. 

Once installed, there is no need to paint or treat the balcony with chemicals to prevent wear and tear, as fiberglass is a corrosion resistant material. 

The aesthetics offered by a fiberglass balcony is also one of its main advantages. They can be adapted to have a modern or classic look. 

In addition, it can be fabricated in a variety of custom shapes and specific colors, allowing homeowners to easily customize their outdoor balcony to suit their needs. 

Finally, a very important aspect. A fiberglass balcony will always offer security as an impact resistant material.

How can fiberglass be used on an outdoor balcony?

Fiberglass is a very versatile material, making it ideal for a wide variety of outdoor balcony designs. Here are some examples:

  • Fiberglass structure: a fiberglass balcony can include fiberglass railings, columns and supports. The designs can be very varied, from simple and minimalist shapes to more complex and elaborate designs.
  • Balcony with fiberglass panels: Another option is to use fiberglass panels to create a lighter and more transparent balcony design. The panels can be translucent or transparent, which will allow more natural light into the home.
  • Fiberglass furniture: if your idea is to make a balcony out of aluminum or stainless steel, you can choose to use fiberglass in custom furniture. For example, chairs, tables, and benches. 
  • Fiberglass clad balcony: Fiberglass can be used to clad the floor, walls, and other elements of the balcony. Designs can include custom textures and patterns to create a unique and cozy atmosphere.

If you are starting a construction or renovation project, Nord-Est Metal offers you orientation services with graphic design for you to project your structures visually. In addition, we can help you in the fabrication of stairs, railings, columns, etc. 

Remember that we mainly work with steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

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