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What is laser cutting and when is it used?

Nord Est Metal
30 May

What is laser cutting and when is it used?

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a powerful laser to cut or engrave materials. It has revolutionized many industries and continues to be a preferred cutting method due to its precision and efficiency.

Understand how it works

Laser cutting works by focusing a laser beam on a specific point of a material. This concentrated energy heats, melts, and vaporizes the material, allowing the operator to cut or engrave precise shapes. The cutting head is usually guided by a computerized system, ensuring exceptional accuracy and uniformity.

Additionally, laser cutting typically produces smooth and high-quality edges, reducing the need for post-processing. Different types of lasers are used, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, fiber lasers, and semiconductor lasers, each suited for specific materials and cutting requirements.

Laser cutting of steel and other metals

One of the main advantages of laser cutting is its ability to cut a variety of materials with exceptional precision. For example, laser cutting of steel is widely used in the manufacturing industry. The laser can cut steel with millimeter precision, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Laser cutting is not limited to steel. It is also highly effective for cutting aluminum. The laser heat can easily penetrate aluminum, a metal known for its lightweight and durability. Being able to cut aluminum with such precision opens up new possibilities for aerospace, automotive, and other related industries.

In addition to steel and aluminum, laser cutting is also used to cut other materials such as wood, plastic, glass, fabric, and even certain composite materials. Each material requires specific cutting parameters based on its composition and thickness. Fiber lasers are particularly effective for cutting reflective materials such as copper and brass, while CO2 lasers are often preferred for non-metallic materials.

Aside from cutting, laser technology also offers the ability to engrave patterns, text, or images on different surfaces. This precise engraving capability is widely used in the signage industry, jewelry manufacturing, and object customization. Modern machines are equipped with advanced control systems that allow operators to easily program custom designs or patterns, offering great design flexibility.

Laser cutting in Quebec

Laser cutting in Quebec, like in the rest of the world, is growing. Quebec companies are increasingly investing in this technology to improve their production and efficiency. Laser cutting is used in many industries in Quebec, from machinery manufacturing to the aerospace industry.

If you live in Montreal and are in need of laser cutting services, Nord-Est Métal is the company to choose. Specializing in laser cutting of various materials such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, this company offers superior quality service.

Their state-of-the-art equipment, combined with a highly skilled team, ensures a high-quality cutting finish that meets the required specifications. Whether you need laser cutting of steel, cutting aluminum, or other materials, Nord-Est Métal can fulfill your needs.

When to use laser cutting?

Laser cutting is ideal when precision is crucial. It is also extremely useful for cutting metal, especially when complex or delicate shapes are required.

Furthermore, laser cutting is an excellent option when you need to produce parts in large volume. Thanks to its automation, it allows for mass production of identical parts with consistent precision. That’s why it is so popular in the manufacturing industry.


In summary, laser cutting is an incredibly versatile and powerful technology. Whether it’s laser cutting of steel, cutting aluminum, or cutting metal in general, it offers unparalleled precision and efficiency.


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