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Advantages of steel structures in Construction

30 Mar

Advantages of steel structures in Construction

In terms of durability and strength, steel structures offer incredible benefits on both small and large scales. Their versatility makes it possible to create anything from whimsical shapes at the discretion of the project manager, to structural systems that can give life and form to large buildings.

At Nord-Est Metal Inc. we are dedicated to the fabrication of steel and other forged metal structures with unparalleled quality and functionality. Each member of our staff is trained to help you get the steel, stainless steel or aluminum structure to your specifications.

We are constantly seeking to improve our services, in order to provide each of our customers the attention and quality that each one deserves, being the satisfaction of each one of them, our best letter of introduction.

If you are about to undertake a residential, industrial or commercial construction project, stay with us to learn about the advantages of working with steel structures.

Let’s get started.

Why choose a steel structure?

Steel is an element made up of iron and carbon. From it originates a wide range of types of steel, which is estimated to reach 5000 varieties and which in turn are classified into series and subgroups.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is a robust metal that originates from different alloys. What differentiates it from steel is its ease of use in areas such as construction and its lower cost.

What makes these metals such an eligible option is the whole universe of possibilities we have when forging structures from these materials. Not only are we talking about an element that is generally more economical, but we are also obtaining quality, safety and a modern and updated construction model.


What can we make from a metal structure?

What-can-we-make-from-a-metal-structureIt has become clear that the malleability of these elements is capable of transforming into any structure we need, regardless of whether it is intended for commercial or residential use.

Any creation made from steel, stainless steel or aluminum, regardless of the format, can be called a steel structure. In other words, a steel structure can be a steel staircase, a steel beam, columns, gates, railings, the structure of a building or the foundations of a city.

However, this is not its only important characteristic. The commitment of the world’s major capitals to incorporate components such as steel in the structure of their buildings is based on many other benefits. Let’s take a look at them below.


What are the advantages of structural steel structures or other metals?

The main advantages of the installation of metal structures are the following:

1. Decreases production costs

From the moment prior to the construction of any metal structure, you are already saving money. In the elaboration process, if you resort to the use of automated techniques, we are also talking about a reduction of human resources. The existing ones would be responsible only for the supervision of the project that has been put in place.

Also economically, it represents an incredible weight/strength ratio and ease of assembly and erection. The latter reduces construction days, the need for extra labor and, consequently, represents a decrease in overall job site costs.

Finally, due to its great durability and resistance, it does not require modifications in the short and medium term, which makes it a very cost-effective product.


2. Steel and aluminum structures require minimal maintenance.

Steel-and-aluminum-structures-require-minimal-maintenanceRarely does a steel structure require maintenance. To date, there are no pests that are capable of damaging it and since most of these materials are equipped with anticorrosives, you will not have to worry about deterioration from environmental factors.

It is worth mentioning that metal structures do not deform (and if they do, their ductility allows them to remain functional), do not crack and cannot catch fire. This undoubtedly represents a benefit for your safety and your pocket.

Still, talk to your supplier and ask for information regarding the care of these materials.


3. Reduces environmental impact

In this day and age, any action that involves reducing your environmental impact is welcome.

The production of steel structures is well known for:

  • Use minimal amounts of water for processing.
  • Using paint and coatings that have low volatility, which reduces the emission of toxic vapors into the atmosphere.
  • Allow for ‘retrofitting’ of older buildings rather than building from scratch.
  • Be reusable.


Top-quality steel and aluminum structures in Montreal

At Nord-Est Metal we are experts in the creation of steel and aluminum metal structures of the highest quality. Purchase with us any of our products, which range from columns and ramps, to doors and windows, made of aluminum.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact means. It will be a pleasure to assist you.

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